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Cool. Conspicuous. Clever. Striking metal and pure glass light switches in square and ultra slim designs. Millenium surprises with its complexity and functional solutions designed for any interior, any building. A wide range of KNX sensors meet the highest of customer demands. Engineered to offer maximum comfort and happiness.

Main benefits:

  • premium British Standard light switch range with more than 32 functions
  • compatible with building automation solutions from KNX to ABB-free@home®
  • slim design, only 4mm cover frame height
  • three different rocker sizes: Standard, Premium and Multi-gang
  • Ecodesign certificate
  • in compliance with international standards: CE, BS, G-Mark, SASO, SS-Mark and ISI

Main features:

  • six metallic finishes plus two chemically strengthened glass (CSG) finishes
  • up to 4-gang frames
  • a wide range of socket outlets including BS, Round-Pin and Multi-standard socket outlets
  • screw terminals of switches and socket outlets
  • full range of stand-alone electronics from USB chargers, to LED dimmers or Bluetooth multimedia solutions

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