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The S&P KIT 2 TERMOWEB offers technology that allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home, save on energy consumption and control electric heating, to gas or gasoil (6) heating, accessible from any mobile device (4) with Internet access (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.).
It consists of 3 essential components: the communication switchboard (1), the power meter (2) and the thermostat (3).
The switchboard (1) acts as the brain of the system, with two main functions:

• Communication link, via router (5), between mobile devices (4) and the thermostat (or several)* (3) of your home.
It allows you to turn your home’s heating on and off or to easily set and modify the weekly schedule.
• It is also possible to directly set the thermostat since the system updates data bidirectionally.
• Communication link, via router (5), between mobile devices (4) and the power meter (2) allowing you to check the real-time power consumption of your house.
The system also keeps quarriable records of daily, monthly and annual power consumption.

* T he thermostats (3) can be supplied as unitary accessories, if a dwelling has two heating circuits (e.g. attic/ground floor).

• THERMOWEB thermostat
• THERMOWEB meter.

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