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The UV-A light of 315-400 nm wavelength is not visible to human eyes, but is perceived by many species of insects that use it for orientation in flight. The 2 powerful UV-A lamps of 20 W generate a light emission of 40 W for a range of about 12 meters linearly. Also approved for being used outdoors, it does not fear rain. With security switch connected to the external grid. The model ensures unaltered quality over time and is covered by a 2-year MO-EL warranty, excluding lamps that must be replaced annually.

IP Protection rate IPX4
Dimensions in mm 685*200*380
Weight 8,0 kg
Power 65
Power of supply 230 V / 50 Hz
Insulating Class I
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Schuko
Master Box 2 PCS
Metel Code MOE307A
Lamps features UV-A Actinic
Lamp life 3000H
Luminous Spectrum 365 nm
Lamps Power 1×20 W
EAN Code 8010114307010

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