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OMAN CABLES Overhead Line Conductor

Oman Cables has capability to produce complete range of overhead line conductors in Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Copper. The standard range includes sizes up to 1000mm² as per BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, or any other international standard and customer’s specifications for all voltage applications. We can also provide conductors with XLPE or PVC covering. The standard types of conductors in our present manufacturing range are as follows:

Cables such as

  • AAC All Aluminium Conductors
  • AAAC All Aluminium Alloy Conductor
  • ACSR Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced
  • HDBC Hard Drawn Bare Copper conductor
  • SDBC Soft Drawn Bare copper Conductor
  • AAC + XLPE All Aluminium Conductor with XLPE insulation
  • AAC + PVC All Aluminium conductors with PVE insulation

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