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TD-EVO Series

Range of low-profile in-line mixed-flow fans for circular ducts.
The range comprises seven diameters and covers a flow range from 210 to 1840 m3/h.
The unique design of the support bracket allows the motor and impeller assembly to be fitted or removed without dismantling the adjacent ducting.

Low-profile compact casing manufactured in tough reinforced plastic.
Optimized design of the impeller, guide vane, and outlet diffuser, to increase performance and lower the sound level.
Airtight construction with double injection sealing between the main body and the support bracket to avoid air leaks.
Rubber gaskets on the flanges to improve airtightness with the ducts.
The silent block between the motor and the guide vane reduces the motor’s vibrations and lowers the sound level of the installation, even in terms of speed regulation.

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