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TGT Series

Range of adjustable pitch aerofoil blade, cased axial flow fans. Casings formed from rolled sheet steel with a corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised finish. All models incorporate separate high grade die-cast aluminium blades locked within a pressed sheet steel hub. Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting installation. All models are available in both short and long casing versions.
Short casing versions:(C) Standard(CK) Includes an external terminal box for ease of connection.Long casing versions:(LK) Includes an external terminal box for ease of connection, and a spy phole to check impeller rotation.(LP) Includes an inspection door for easy access to motor.(LPK) Includes both external terminal box and inspection door.
Soler&Palau Sistemas de Ventilación SLU certifies that this model is licensed to bear the AMCA Seal for Air Performance. The revision version is EasyVent v11, May 2020. Certification may be checked at AMCA

Refer to EasyVent to select the most suitable configurations for the installation, and obtain the corresponding datasheets.

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