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THGT series fan, with long casing configuration and Form A, for easy impeller access for maintenance.
High corrosion resistance through hot dip galvanized finish for casing and motor support.
Dynamically balanced impellers, made of high grade aluminium blades and hubs.
Hubs also made from pressed steel sheet, depending on the diameter and temperature requirements.
2 Poles version with aluminium impellerhub formed from a one piece casting.

Designed and built for ease of installation and commissioning, energy savings and to withstand severe weather conditions.
Standard design base for roof curb mounting.
Mounting through roof on beams or purlins possible with JBS-HATCH accessory.
Air tightness < 3m3/h/m2 @ 50Pa.
Insulation value U = 0,42W/(m2K) thanks to thermal break.
Snow Load SL 1000.
Wind Load WL 1000 or 1500, depending on HATCH size.
Ambient temperature -5ºC to +50ºC.
Opening mechanism for 20,000 cycles.
Includes contacts for open/closed position monitoring.
Connections for motor and powered actuators via independent external terminal boxes.

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