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SIMPLE AND STILL MORE ELEGANT. The traditional design of Fiore is embellished with black. Like all Mo-el lamps, Fiore works without gas. The infrared short wave concentrates the effect where it is needed, without waiting times, heating the bodies and not the air. Fiore adapts to public and private places where there are auxiliary heating needs, with low costs and efficient service.

IP Protection rate IP65
On/Off Switch Yes
Dimensions in mm 836*112*83h
Weight 1 kg
Power 1760
Power of supply 230 V 50-60 Hz
Insulating Class I
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Schuko
Master Box 4 PCS
Metel Code MOE767N
Lamps features Frozen quartz and tungsten filament
Lamp life 5000H
Luminous Spectrum IR-A
Lamps Power 1760 W
Rotation / inclination The product is directional
Colour Black
EAN Code 8010114767043

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