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This electrical device is manufactured in compliance with the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Points Control (CE 93 / 43-96 / 3-DL 155/97). The special UV-A lamps are placed to attract all flying insects to the appliance. When insects approach, they remain attached to the glue boards attached to the sides. This system allows you to control and eliminate all flying insects in the surrounding environment.

IP Protection rate IP55
Dimensions in mm 112*435*400
Weight 2,5 kg
Power 40
Power of supply 230 V/ 50 Hz
Insulating Class I
Cable H05RN-F
Plug Tripole Schuko
Master Box 1 PC
Metel Code MOE700
Lamps features UV-A Actinic
Lamp life 2000H
Luminous Spectrum 365 nm
Lamps Power 2×15 W
Structure Aluminum, lamps protection in Pmma
Compatible with 002413
EAN Code 8010114700002

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